Along with the SUBMITTED MATERIAL (Submitted Video, Lectures as Response to the Open Call and the Keynote Speakers) we will present five documentary films, which will be introduced by their film makers. The 5 documentaries on the Grande Hotel Beira in Mozambique, the Ponte Building in Johannesburg, the vernacular housing colony of Santiago in Cape Verde and the first generation modernist architecture in Tanzania will follow up some concrete late colonial buildings in their present state. These are all hybrid environments which expose the megalomania and dysfunctionality of the late- or post-colonial projects, reflected back through their present consequences, on a both social and individual level.

  • Grande Hotel, Beira, Mozambique, by Lotte Stoops , 2010.


  • Many words for modern. A survey of modern architecture in Tanzania, by Jord den Hollander, 2007.


  • Dr Ducats Tema, by Jord den Hollander.



  • CASALATA, by Ângelo Lopes and Lara Plácido, 2013

  • Africa Shafted, Johannesburg, by Ingrid Martens, 2011.